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Sofiya Isaevskaya kollaaž
Sofiya Isaevskaya kollaaž

TaasPILDIL – a digital collage contest

In cooperation with the Estonian Society for Education through Art (EstSEA), students from grades 4–12 were invited to take part in the digital collage contest “TaasPILDIL”

The students were asked to think of and put on a picture memorable political and cultural events together with the related persons (including cultural and political figures) from the past three decades.

A total of 77 digital collages of excellent quality of execution were sent to the contest. The most popular themes were the national awakening, early 90s, joining the NATO, the Estonian kroon, the Euro, ESTCube. Politicians and cultural figures of the time such as Heinz Valk and Alo Mattiisen were also included. Many works also depicted presidents and prime ministers. Events included the song and dance festival, Eurovision victory and the triumphs of Estonian athletes. Toompea was the most popular place depicted. Results are available here.

The contest artworks are going to be presented at an online exhibition and the best collages are going to be introduced at the Estonian National Museum in August 2021.