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Eesti Vabariigi iseseisvuse taastamine 30 aastat.

E-quiz “Olen rahatark” on financial literacy

In cooperation with the Estonian Association of Economy and Entrepreneurship Teachers and Junior Achievement Eesti SA, an e-quiz on financial literacy titled “Olen rahatark” (“I am smart about money”) was organised for students in grades 4–6

Before the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Estonia’s independence, students could search for answers to find out interesting facts and events of Estonia’s monetary history. The quiz was web-based – students had to implement their knowledge, calculation, and search skills to find answers by using correct keywords.

A total of 525 students from 35 schools across Estonia took part in the quiz, including from five Russian-language schools. There were 17 questions in total with 31 as the maximum number of points.

The winners of the quiz are available here. All results are published on the webpage of JA Estonia here.