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The concert to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia will take place on August 20

The concert to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia will take place on August 20 at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Up to 10,000 people will be allowed to attend the event at the festival grounds.

Foto: Grete Radvilavicius

The celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of regaining independence begins with the flag hoisting ceremony at Toompea and culminates with the night song festival Free Estonia! starting at 7 p.m. at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and Tartu Town Hall Square. Larger concerts also take place in Narva and Rakvere. ERR will broadcast the events of 20 August on TV and radio.

Up to 10,000 people can attend the song festival at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. “A portion of them are members of the diplomatic corps, members of the Riigikogu and the Government, members of the 20 August Club, students who participated in youth projects in the spring, their supervisors and persons accompanying them, and the Tallinn Student Brigade with group leaders. Up to 5,000 people will be able to acquire a pass to the concert free of charge,” said Jaanus Rohumaa, Project Manager at the Government Communication Unit.

“There will be three gates to the song festival grounds – for those who have been vaccinated, for people who have tested negative for the coronavirus in the last 48 hours, and a third gate where a rapid testing option is available. To participate in the Song Festival Grounds concert, you must acquire a free ticket at Piletilevi and present your vaccination passport or negative test certificate,” added Danel Pandre, the producer of the concert.

This year’s night song festival includes almost sixty songs performed by over 450 young and older artists. The festival will be broadcast on ETV and you can read the lyrics from the screen,” said Pandre.

You do not have to go far from your home to take part in the night song festival. You can simply gather around the TV with your family to sing along to the songs that we have heard and sung during our 30 years of freedom, broadcast by ERR from the event.

“Why do it? Because we restored our independence by singing! Performed in a small circle of friends at first and more and more openly later on, the songs carried the message of freedom and the homeland. Even if the message was not always so direct, we always recognised it, even if we had to read between the lines. We sang along. Drawing inspiration from the same feeling, Alo Mattiisen’s patriotic songs and night song festivals were soon born. This is how the Singing Revolution became possible – not a single drop of blood was shed,” said Margus Kasterpalu, Project Manager of the Night Song Festival on 20 August.

Make sure to register your group of singers for the night song festival at