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Öölaulupidu "Järjepidevus" 19.08.2013 Tartu
Öölaulupidu “Järjepidevus” 19.08.2013 Tartu

Register your group of singers for the night song festival Free Estonia! held on August 20 and sing together with the whole nation. Wherever you may be.


Congratulations, Estonia!

20 August 2021 will mark three decades since Estonia regained its independence. Let us celebrate and remember how it happened.


18.-30. August-September 2021

(e-)Exhibition “Resistance to the Soviet regime in Estonia in 1940–1991”

18. August-30. September 2021
21.-10. September-October 2021

Travelling exhibition ‘Ready! 1991! Go!’ in Pärnu

21. September-10. October 2021
The front square of the Pärnu Museum
12.-31. October 2021

Travelling exhibition ‘Ready! 1991! Go!’ in Kuressaare

12.-31. October 2021
Kuressaare main square